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Product Details

  • Product Name: eMSS
  • Developed by: Techwaukee
  • Active: Since 2016
  • Technology: ASP.NET, Javascript, Web service, SQL
  • Server: IIS


EMSS is a powerful tool for managing employee time. With this application, you can make payroll and billable time calculations, and report overtime. Leave management system handles employee requests, supervisor approvals, and accrual calculations.

Employee Managerial Self-Service is an application, developed to maintain the details of employees working in any organization. Employee can learn and prepare themselves for their upcoming objects. It maintains the information about the personal and attendance details of their employees, also the details about the payroll system which enable to generate the payslip. Employees can view his daily tasks assigned by the manager and he gets to know the performance and productivity of the employee. Manager can assign projects based on the employee's skills and duration of the current project.

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